Advent Calendar + Bonus Events/Changes!

Hello dear Entropia Community!

We have prepared an Advent Calendar for you!

You can currently reach it via [Cash Shop] Laura in Flaris.

To open a door your character must be at least level 175 or Platinum 1

and have been online for one hour.

We've also started a few other small events until Tuesday:

*The record book will be overwritten with a backup after the event!

*Diamond Drop+15% (Level 9 to 12 Diamonds)

*Awake Bonus +5% (Slightly increased chance of higher values when awakening)

Blue Secret Treasure - Drop Event

*You can drop a Blue Secret Treasure from any monster level 120 or higher!

*These include CS-Upgrade Stones/Materials, Currency, Badges, Augmentations, Aibatt Luckyboxes


Further updates & events are currently being worked on for you!

With the Restart of the Server we also fixed some smaller Bugs and made some Performance Adjustments.

Also we buffed some Seraph/Force Master Buffs:

Ire of Ibilis (FM) gives now:

Attack Speed+20% and Damage increase vs. Monsters+5%

Touch of Rhisis (FM) gives now:

Critical Chance+20%, Critical Damage+20%

Raiment of Rhisis (Seraph) gives now:

HP-Rate+10%, Damage Absorb against Monsters+2%




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  • Penya Rate8.000x
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