Patch-Notes: 05/06/2020 (English)

Today we present you our new PvP "Battleground" system with which you will receive PvP equipment provided by us.

In addition, we introduce you our new PvE-System "Monster Clash", which serves as a guild competition system and takes place weekly.

Patch-Notes: 07/06/2020 (English) - Hotfixes

Adjustments / Fixes

• Fixed the Ress-Bug in the Battleground Mode PvP Rumble and Guild Siege.

*This will also fix some rare Bugs in the normal Guild Siege Mode.

*The bug was not a common/known type of "Ress-Bug" and took us a few hours to fix it, causing this patch to be a little late.

• The Inventory Switch Window in the Guild Siege will now appear in the waiting area!

• The Guild Siege Kill Rewards (Perin) were decreased from 10p to 5p per. Kill.

*With the Double Reward Potion from the Vote Shop you will still receive 10p as long as it is active.

• Fixed a Crash in the Battleground Guild Siege

• The PvP Rumble can no longer be re-entered when you log out.

• The PvP Rumble is no longer accessible once the login time for the Rumble has expired.

• The Hide Guild Siege Shout option now works correctly.

• Fixed a bug where an infinity crystal effect stacked up due to the battleground mode.

• Anarchy buffs will no longer work in the battleground system.

• In the Monster Clash system some bugs have been fixed, which we only noticed during live operation.

*We have also made a few optical adjustments to the system.

*A rejoin button has also been added in case someone gets disconnected.

*You have two minutes to rejoin the Monster Clash.

*Laccotten have been deactivated in the Monster Clash.

• Minor optimizations were made to the new Movement System.

• Bug & Securityfixes.

Patch-Notes: 10/06/2020 (English)

• Some Visual Display errors have been fixed in the Monster Clash System.

• The Rewards in the Monster Clash will be distributed correctly now.

*Some placements had not received any.

*You must "Finish" the Monster Clash to get the reward (Top 1 to Top 3) and be there. (Logged out / Unfinished does not count)

• There are now only 1600 monsters in the Monster Clash instead of 2000!

• Up to 6 Members per. Guild can now participate in the Monster Clash.

• The bug that you can take more than 6 participants into the clash when a certain number of guilds participated has been fixed.

• Res-scrolls were blocked in the Monster Clash.

• The correct number of Perins will now be removed when you register to the Monster Clash.

• Certain boss monsters in the Monster Clash will no longer change their target.

• Fixed the bug where you couldn't walk over certain objects with too high speed values.

• The PvP Rumble now only takes 10 minutes per. Match.

• The PvP Rumble lock starts at 02:00 AM (UTC+2) and ends at 09:00 AM (UTC+2) now.

• You can enter/exit the Battleground mode in the PvP arena to test the Battleground classes or to edit the task bar settings.

*In the Battleground Mode you cannot teleport out of the PvP-Arena via the teleport window.

*When leaving the PvP-Arena the mode will be reseted.

• If you die in the Guild Siege / PvP Rumble, your status pet will be summoned again when you respawn.

• Achievement rewards achieved in the Battleground Mode will be sent to you via . Mail.

• As long as the Battleground "Inventory Switch" Window is open, you will not be able to move or buff your character.

• Fixed a bug where you could no longer select models from the wardrobe.

• Fixed the bug where you could still use an augmentation scroll without having selected a awakening line.

• Fixed a bug where you could not add/reroll a second fusion bonus on Soulreaver Weapons. (Only affected a few existing weapons)

• The port zone in the Rhisis Trail Dungeon, which leads to the exit, has been removed.

• Some item descriptions have been adapted.

• Crash & Security fixes.

• Performance adjustments.

Patch-Notes: 13/06/2020 (English)

• Some bugs with the Monster Clash system have been fixed.

• The number of monsters in the Monster Clash System has been reduced from 1600 to 1400.

• The Monster Elements in the Monster Clash has been changed.

• The targeting of players in the PvP-Mode (Guild War, Rumble) has been adjusted and now runs more smoothly.

• Fixed a synchronization (position) error.

• Heal-Items can now be used in the Equipment Switch System.

*The Default Settings for the Battleground Mode will still be adjusted with the heal items.

• Titles in the "Enemy"-Display System are no longer displayed in the Guild Siege.

*If we will remove the "Enemy" (Hide Player Names) in the Guild Siege or not, is still open.

• The Battleground Guild Siege will no longer be added to the ranking.

• The MvP/Crown status is no longer distributed in Battleground Guild Sieges.

• The Rumble Lock now takes effect from 02:00 AM to 09:00 AM - UTC+2.

• The Animated Hats will be Displayed Animated in the Modelviewer now.

• Adjustments to the "Key Switch" in the Battleground Mode will follow.

• A client crash error in the Secret Room was fixed.

•  The World Server (CH1) crash of today was fixed.

• Other minor bug fixes.

• Performance adjustments.

Patch-Notes: 15/06/2020 (English)

• Some character synchronization optimizations have been made in the Guild Siege.

• The Key-Switching in the Battleground Mode has been adjusted.

• The Switch now uses the food after you put on the equipment.

• Fixed a bug with the skill "Counter Attack".

• Rewards in the Battleground Guild Siege are distributed again correctly.

• Fixed the bug that the previous Guild Siege Ranking values were showed in a new Guild Siege.

• The Normal & Battleground Guild Siege will be Announced 10 minutes before the start with a Server Shout.

• Anarchy Buffs are now directly active again when you come out of battleground mode.

• The Damage from the Templar in the Battleground Mode has been reduced by -15%.

• If you register to the Rumble and change the map before you start, you will not be removed from the Rumble.

• The Teleport-Zone in the Monster Clash system has been removed.

• The Seraph Skill "Force of Light" can now be put back into the Action Slot.

*This is not possible in Battleground Mode, because the Skill have a Cooldown there.

• Several bugs with Animated Hats were fixed.

• Other minor bug fixes.

• Performance adjustments.




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