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The whole team will not answer any questions that are answered in this news!

If anything is unclear, please re-read it again with more concentration.

Otherwise just wait until everything gets released from us.

Hello dear Entropia Community. In this news post, we will inform you what our future plans are for our server.

We ask you to read carefully, so no more questions can pop up.

As you can see, the player activity got worse over the past two months and didn't improve massively when we applied new patches.

This might be due to multiple factors, which led to our current position, at which we are right now, as example...

  • We published too much content right at the server launch

    *Trigrem, Ethral, Trigrem Ruins (Dungeon), Ethral Garden (Dungeon)

    *Heaven of Madrigal (Dungeon) / Golem Temple

    *Infinity Grid / Infinity Points, Fashion Upgrade

  • We had too many items, which sped up the progression in the game

    *i.e. Reroll Scrolls

  • We patched too much new content within a short time period

  • Some players couldn't catch up to the top players.

  • We had higher rates (XP, Penya) than before Entropia, so some things lost their value

    *Platin rewards/ market items.

  • We ran a lot of events, which simplified the game a lot, which led to market price crashes

    *i.e. Premium weekends within short time periods.

  • We had some minor and major bugs, which caused a loss in performance of the client

  • PvE Balance changes with huge impact

  • Dupe/Exploit exceptions with smaller rollbacks.

    *It can always happen and we usually act very quickly, but this is also a factor which adds to it.

  • Rarely had longer downtimes, as example christmas 2019

  • We launched the Ultimate Items way too close back to back

  • Many players used a bot and got banned for that.

    *We increased our behaviour against that for more than one year and will go even more against it.

    (Statistics, Ingame checks, Injection checks in our client)

    *Even though we had a lot of bans, we still banned more players due to AFK farming or botting.

    *So this is also a point, where it's the players fault of how the server is.

    *We still keep our plans of the bans like that and still ban players out that act accordingly.

  • Players shared their accounts with eachother and wonder why they lost all their items

    *The robbers will also get punished

  • Players that use the same account credentials on other servers and which get robbed by these server administrators.

  • Specific players, that hop from one server to another

    *Not because they dislike the server, but play on the server, that have more "hype" and talk the previous servers down.

  • Some players, that try to sell their ingame items for real life money, which get caught and loose both accounts with all their items on them.

    *We can tell already, that we have statistics to log the behaviour to show us, which one can fall into that category

  • We still had a lot of banned players in the years 2019/2020 which got punished for real world trading, which we haven't seen yet from previous projects.

    *We can't avoid that, but we try to prevent that from happening again.

  • We had huge penalties from the GTOP100 site, because many players weren't able to vote and only could do that once per day.

  • Of course there could be other reasons why some people don't play our server (ingame design, low/mid or highrate, activities of the staff) but we can't mention everything and just got into the more relevant points, why the server is how it is right now.

  • The summer season just started, that's why statistically less players are playing.

    *Due to the current worldwide situation, you can't be blamed when you don't feel like playing right now and want to do other things. 

Due to the mentioned player activity and the factors above, we came up with the idea to open a second Server (Cluster) and to pull a Wipe (Fork Wipe).

*Fork = Split

The first Server (Cluster 1) will stay how everyone knows and has been online from the 15th December 2018 and will still get updates.

*We will go on furhter about the Cluster 1

The second Server will get a sort of Wipe with restrictions.

The second server will get the same content as the first server, but the endgame content launches will be stretched into a later longer time period.

The second Cluster will be harder than the first one.

*Cluster 1 will still remain how it is (simplified) and you will be able to still play on it.

*Simplifications will come aswell on Cluster 2 during the next few months.

That is why not everything will be available on day one. Some sections of the coming content will be adjusted aswell, as soon as they are getting published.

The community can come up with suggestions aswell, before we actually deploy the content updates on that cluster.

In between the ongoing cluster, we also provide new systems and game content, because we head into a different direction with that project.

There will still be updates with community suggestions, improvements, new models and so on.

The XP, Penya and Guild XP rates will get lowered extremely!

Everyone will get their donation points back, which accumulated during the past few years.

*That means, that you will get every point, which you spent on cluster 1 back on your cluster 2 account.

*We will go on in depth later in this article.

The Donate/Vote Shop from the second cluster will get modified aswell and some items will be available later on.

It might also happen, that the second cluster will get merged with the first server in a few years

*The future is not 100% certain and noone knows what will happen.

Because we don't just want to open a second cluster to grab the money from your pockets, like other projects do, we decided to refund a part of your points to the second cluster!

There will be an additional currency (new donate and vote points), which we add to your account, the way you had them on the first.

[OLD] Server 1 / Cluster 1 (Donate currency/ Vote points for Server 1):

 Blue Diamonds (Server 1):

Will not get refunded, because the cluster will remain how it is right now.

 Vote Punkte - S1 (Server 1):

Will not get refunded, because the cluster will remain how it is.

[NEW] Server 2 / Cluster 2 (Donate currency/ Vote points for Server 2):

 Red Diamonds (Server 2):

Will be refunded for certain values (2013 to 2020).

 Vote points - S2 (Server 2):

We will refund 2.000 Vote Points for every Vote starting from the 26/06/2020.

*You can Vote and collect Vote Points for the start of Server/Cluster 2.

The refund of the Red Diamonds (donate currency) will reach into our last projects from 2013 to 2018.

Unfortunately we cannot refund 100% of the donations (or better conditions), because it would've been way too much and the server wouldn't earn enough to survive for a longer period of time.

Refund list:

  • Year 2013: 5% refund

  • Year 2014: 10% refund

  • Year 2015: 15% refund

  • Year 2016: 20% refund

  • Year 2017: 30% refund

  • Year 2018: 50% refund

  • Year 2019: 75% refund

  • Year 2020: 100% refund

Question: How does the donation feature work? Do I have to decide for a server to donate on?

No! You will receive your donate points on Server 1 and Server 2 simultaneously!

Means, when you donate 10$ in our server, you will receive 1.300 Blue Diamonds + 1.300 Red Diamonds.

You can spend the donate currencies on both servers. (so you always have double the amount!)

The Donate shop will be opened just after 4 to 6 days after launch!

The Donate shop will be handled differently on th second cluster.

Specific items won't be available during the starting phase i.e. Shiny Weaponry

These will be added later on, to make it easier for beginners to progress in the game aswell.

Items will be available more commonly in sales and won't be permanently added.

*This includes the Ultimate Entropia Treasures aswell.

The Ultimate Entropia Treasures will be added to the shop bit after bit and will be added to different content aswell (farmable).

*From these Treasures, you will get different Ultimate Pieces as bonus, which can be exchanged for a full Ultimate item.

*A new Ultimate Item / Treasure will be released every 4 to 8 months.

The donation reward timeline will be added to a later point.

*Maybe without Ultimate Items in the first phase.

Fashion Models will be switched out every 3 to 6 days automatically.

*In the beginning of Entropia, this has to be done manually.

Some Vote Shop items will be released to a later point

You get double the amount of Vote Points for each vote for Server 1 and Server 2!

The amount of Vote Points that you get for Server 2 are a bit lower at the start.

Some items will be removed aswell, which will be available later on in the Shop.

You can Vote daily up to 3 times, if you use a different IP adress and device.

*Proxy /VPN votes might lead to a ban.

You can start gaining Vote Points already, if this announcement gets published.

The weekend events on Server 2 won't be as often as on the Server 1.

These events will be started in a weaker variant with not that high bonus items.

*The events will be better progressively.

*New events will be added to the game later on.

Seasonal big events will take place as usual.

Events on Server 1 will still take place normally.

*Seasonal events aswell.

Events like the Easter Labyrinth or the Pokemon and Halloween Dungeon will take place on the second server aswell.

*Maybe there will be new content.

Here are 2 examples from our Event Dungeons, which took place in 2019:

Pokemon Dungeon: Click here!

EasterLabyrinth Dungeon: Click here!

The donator of the month from Server 1 will NOT get the rewards on Server 2 again.

New donator of the month will get all rewards on Server 1 and Server 2.

Custom Fashion, which the top donator chose, might be restricted on Server 2.

*That means, you can't wish for Fashion that can be farmed in later expansions.

The donator of the month will get all bonus Items on both Servers aswell.

We will be looking for new assistance on the launch of the new cluster.

You have the opportunity to apply as Gamemaster on Entropia via the ticket system.




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Server Information
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  • Server Time05:32 AM
  • EXP RateCustom
  • Drop Rate8.000x
  • Penya Rate8.000x
  • CrownSaugnapf
  • MvPMythox Protection Status