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Server Rules

The Entropia-Team tries everything to ensure a safe and high quality environment for all players. That’s why rules are in place to ensure that the game environment remains at a constant level . We also want to prevent misunderstanding and unnecessary conflicts ingame. So make sure that you read the rules carefully, because ignorance is no excuse.

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These are the "Frequently Asked Question" (FAQ). If you can't find the answer of your question here, please contact us ingame or via ticket system.

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Ticket system

The easiest way for you and us is the ticket system. You'll receive fast, direct and private support from one of our staff members.

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Entropia Staff

This is our current Entropia-Team. If you have any questions or problems, contact one of the listed staff ingame, in our forum or via ticket system.

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Server Information
  • Server StatusOnline
  • Server Time04:55 AM
  • EXP RateCustom
  • Drop Rate8.000x
  • Penya Rate8.000x
  • CrownSaugnapf
  • MvPMythox Protection Status